Way of Grace Christian Evolving Progressive Community in Emeryville/North Oakland/South Berkeley

We are a progressive Christian Community who gather for worship and faith action through radical invitation and justice outreach in Emeryville, North Oakland and South Berkeley.


Way of Grace is a new start-up Christian Community responding to our call to walk in the way of Christ, evolving, inclusive, progressive and justice-oriented, gathering and serving in Emeryville/North Oakland. We are currently a nomadic community meeting at different public places in the area. We meet for Vespers, Dinner and Eucharist every second and fourth Sunday of the month. We also meet for fun and fellowship and education, service and advocacy on first and third Sunday of the month. We continue to seek other seekers and faithful followers of Christ, who would like to pioneers of Way of Grace. There is technically only one church within the vicinity of Emeryville but there is no progressive one and intentionally and radically inclusive. If you are interested to be a pioneer, please contact Pastor Tita Valeriano below or call 773-383-3856. We invite you to journey with us! 


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